Cute Coffee Spoons for your daily Coffee Cats Lovers

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WARNING: Your cat might fall in love with it! 😻

Do you - or someone else in your life - Love Coffee, Cat and his mug of coffee? If so, then our Cute Coffee Spoon is the perfect gift for them (for you!). 🎁

It's incredibly cute and certainly has its own touch! Add an extra touch of personality to your morning cup of coffee and make your morning more purr-fect 👌


  • Incredibly Sturdy: You don't have to fear it breaking, it's made of STAINLESS STEEL 💪
  • Super Easy to Clean: You will not have any issues cleaning it after you are done with your coffee 🧼
  • Safe, Durable & Long Lasting: Built to last as you will love to use it a lot and definitely take photos with 😷

Metrics and Info: -

Size: 11.5cm long


The Purr-fect Gifts for every Cat Person and a Coffee Enthusiast!
Looking for cute pictures? maybe you want to take a picture with your cat being Jealous of your new spoon while you enjoy stirring your drinks with it?
Then our Cute Coffee Spoons is the perfect gift!
We have had lots of customers write in to let us know that their cats were playing a lot with their new all Cute Coffee Spoons 😻. Plus it comes boxed making it easy to gift wrap.